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Orbital - Orbital 2 (Brown Album)

Orbital - Orbital 2 (Brown Album) (1992)
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O Orbital é outra importantíssima dupla britânica para a história do techno, dos irmãos Paul e Phil Hartnoll. Esse disco pra mim é o melhor do Orbital, com várias faixas excelentes ("Lush", "Impact -The Earth Is Burning" e suas camadas infinitas, "Remind", "Monday"), mas o destaque mesmo é a supimpíssima "Halcyon +On +On"!

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  1. probably the best electronic act ever for me, only equalled by the black dog. it's hard to pick a best album out of their first 4 (green, brown, snivilisation, in sides)they're all amazing and all classics in different ways, but if you're looking for something to dance and lose your mind to, then this is it.

  2. hello bro,
    the link is broken
    would you mind doing a re-upload of this disc by Orbital?
    many thanks in advance


    1. Hi Wilder! I won´t be doing any "re-ups" on this blog! If the file was deleted, maybe there is a reason for it! ;)
      but I´ll send you something via email.

  3. dont worry bro, I understand really I also have a blog and know the danger to be deleted...
    I could find it anyways

  4. but here it is again: http://cramit.in/rf17u4gg6p1e