sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Aphex Twin - On

Aphex Twin - On (1993)
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4 faixas do gênio Richard D. James, entre elas a estupenda On e a sensacional D-Escape, além de 4 remixes da faixa título. Destaque para as versões do Reload e do µ-Ziq!

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  2. the reload remix is easily in my top ten pieces of electronic music and possibly the best thing they ever did. really great post.

    1. hey kieran, do you know their 93 album "collection of short stories"? I think this is their best work:
      I really like this one too:

    2. of course i know that album, it's a masterpiece!! there's just something about their remix of 'on' that gets me every time i listen to it, and when i do, i always listen to this next another reload classic from the 'amenity' ep.

    3. that is a great one! actually I had this posted on my previous blog:
      now I have to post these here with new download links!

    4. this track came out here first: