sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2012

Spacetime Continuum – Fluresence EP

Spacetime Continuum – Fluresence EP (1993)

Talvez o projeto mais conhecido do Jonah Sharp, e sem dúvida o mais viajeira (já dá pra imaginar pela imagem do disco)!

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  1. please can you share the link for this gem?

    I never heard of this before, though I do have "sea biscuit", "emit ecaps", "remit recaps" and "alien dreamtime"
    what else do you recommend by jonah sharp?

    listening to his soundcloud it seems he's into other kind of sounds, more conventional or not so trippy as these lovely days which I also lived as a teenager :)

    Cheers from North Lima, Perú


    1. here it is:

      I would recommend you to get his ambient stuff from this era: his collaborations with pete "namlook" - wechselspannung 94, alien community 93 and 94, his collabs with tetsu inoue - electro harmonix 94, instant replay 97, with mixmaster morris - quiet logic 98. There is also his project with Move D, "Reagenz", I like both albuns, the first from 94 e the second, more convencional as you said, Playtime from 2009.

      If you have trouble finding any of these I´d be happy to send you some links.

      and thanks for the silvania video, I´d never heard of them! just downloaded the album to hear! I just saw that they have a remix album with locust, scorn and autechre! Wow! I´ll look for this one too!


    2. cool!
      I'm downloading now the spacetime's gem! many thanks! :)

      Silvania were amazing!!
      yes I do have that album of remixes!! unbelievable! it is "Delay Tambor", there is also a remix by seefeel and scanner there... ufff

      here you have 2 discs by them which I uploaded:
      "Juniperfin" (1997)

      "Naves sin Puertos" (1998)

      If you can't find "Delay Tambor" just tell me and I will upload it asap...
      I guess from the albums you mention above I only have downloaded "quiet logic" so if you kindly can share those discs with me I would be more than happy!!!!

      There is also another peruvian act from the 90's and 00's which can be of your listening pleasure, it is Evamuss..
      Listen these vids I also uploaded:

      "Puertas de Ruido" (2000)

      "Auquico" (2001)

      "E.muss" (1998)

      Best Regards,


    3. hey wilder, what is your email? I´ll upload all this jonah sharps albuns that I mentioned for you!

    4. my e-mail is:

      many many thanks!!!
      what about the albums I mentioned to you?
      did you like Silvania or Evamuss?

      Cheers from North Lima, Perú


    5. hello bro, I just sent you the file with Delay tambor
      bon voyage))))

  2. by the way I added you on my list of blogs @PeruAvantgarde

    listen to this gem done by a peruvian vanguard act called Silvania, it is "Paisaje III" from 1994 and it is pretty mindblowing.. into the sounds of Seefeel or Insides:

    Cheers from North Lima, Peru